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Latest update 16th June 2017

From the North Island Limousin Bull Sale

Spirited bidding saw bulls average over $4000 with Frank Rientje' s homozygous polled Ngarimu Lancelot selling at what Allan considered a bargain price of $7200 to Mary and Allan McKenzie (Caberfeidh stud) and Ngarimu Lincoln at $5000 to Jocelyn and Wayne Crombie "Brondelwayne"   Sire of both lots was the impressive Evans bred type and docility bull , Grayleen Ferdinand

Ngarimu Lancelot at his new home in Wayby

Allan and Mary have sold their breeding herd to Four herds in North Auckland. Lancelot will be bred over the 20 heifers retained.  So after his first Fifty-six years
of owning a beef breeding herd  Allan will have no cows calving this year.  Time to dust off the golf clubs !

And from the  2017 South Island Limousin Bull Trial Sale. 
 The great constitutioned, easy to handle cattle with the typical muscling and easy going nature of the modern New Zealand Limousin  sold well to an appreciative bench of buyers from throughout the country.  Congratulations to the breeders and the Bull Trial hosts and teams for both sales. A job well done.  

Above - the South Island Bulls

Recent sales confirm there is a growing awareness of the financial advantage in rearing Limousin cattle.  

 Limousin heifers are one of the "limousin advantages" with their high dressing out percentages and superior grading

Below a group of cull heifers sold   and grading prime after spending most of their lives on extremely steep sandstone hill country in Northland. 

Yes you can, as many have, enjoy show successes too, but our real strength is that we are truly commercial.  In New Zealand Limousin breeders  have developed  a strain of Limousin  proven by New Zealand farmers under New Zealand conditions and continue to introduce new lines in their further pursuit of excellence.    

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 Limousin action - current and ongoing


 The North Island Limousin Breeders Inc Bull Trial
Has been running for 23 years and in that time has evolved from a weight gain trial into a total package producing quiet, sound, growthy bulls.  The co-operative approach has strengthened the Limousin Breed throughout New Zealand as even those studs not taking part have found that they have to match the bull trial product to retain market share.

 "Introducing Limousin" (see shortened copy on this website) is available for all interested in learning more about Limousin in New Zealand. This booklet was promoted by the full NZ Limousin Council  20 years ago as a New Zealand Limousin specific  information packet and early printings were sponsored by about 20 Limousin members. It is regularly updated.  
Limousinnorth - This website will continue to play a role as a support and information pack for various Limousin endeavours.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for updates to our website. There's much more to come!

As its name indicates this website is maintained to promote Limousin in general and Limousin in the North Island in particular.  The content of this website is supplied and gathered from a variety of sources and edited by webmaster Allan McKenzie. Allan and his wife Mary are Life Members of the Limousin Society. Allan has at various times been President of LimousinNZ, President of North Island Limousin,  and has been Bull Trial Convener .

  Allan and Mary can now be described as interested observers of official proceedings but still running about 60 limousins of all ages  and enjoying the last of the summer wine! 
(But never fear, we will still be commenting on and promoting Limousin for you lucky people! )

I have been asked to say who I am and why!  Read on if you think it matters!
Allan and Mary for several years milked a small Jersey Stud and ran a 100 cow Angus breeding herd in the hills at the same time.  The Jersey herd was eventually sold and a Hereford bull crossed over the Angus. The Herefords were unable to handle the steep country and a few Limousin cross having proved up to the challenge, about 20 years ago a Limousin stud was developed partly to satisfy a lifelong interest in genetics and also of course to cash in on their by then proven ability to thrive on the hills and fatten quickly on the flats. In recent years  we have developed a cow herd to suit our conditions (that is medium sized, good costitutioned quiet cattle that have been coming off the hills fat. 
Herewith in support of the Limousin world are my observations and reports on things Limousin.  Allan McKenzie
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