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The following is taken from the Limousin Australia website - contact the Australian office for up-to-date details
Should I join Breedplan?
Stud breeding is about the use of genetics to breed the animals considered to be ideal for the market. This can be by joining best to best or by corrective mating to improve their faults. Some commercially important traits can be measured or scored. When this is done it provides an insight into the actual genetics of a sire or dam, which may be different to the appearance of the animal itself.
Breedplan provides estimates of the genetic potential of animals for up to 17 different traits in the form of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs). These EBVs are calculated from the measurements taken on the animal and all its relatives including parents, grandparents and progeny.
An accuracy value between 0 and 100 is calculated for each EBV, which is an indication of how reliable the EBV is. EBVs calculated from a large number of progeny generally have a higher accuracy.
How can I participate?
You can be a passive user of Breedplan by simply using the Sire Summary to help select AI sires to use in your herd. At the same time you will be contributing some information on gestation length, calving ease and possibly birth weight each time you register or record a calf.
Or you can be an active user by enrolling your herd in Breedplan. This costs between $75 and $125 per year depending on the size of your herd.
The benefits of enrolling your herd in Breedplan are:
2. You are actually helping to evaluate AI sires and naturally mated sires of the breed.
How do I enrol my herd?
Call the ALBS office and ask for an enrolment form.
The annual costs are (2011 - Check with Australian office ):
Less than 20 breeding females $82.50 (GST inclusive)
21 - 50 breeding females $110.00 (GST inclusive)
More than 50 females $137.50 (GST inclusive)
There is an annual fee of $4.40 (GST inclusive) per active female over 18 months of age invoiced in July each year.
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