Limousinnorth for Quality Limousin - Quietly superior Limousins
The Cattle and the people
The Limousin breed has a wide range of attributes which are a good fit with the demands of the NZ beef industry
The home range in France is the mountain country at Limoges and Limousin cattle are a very good fit for NZ hill country.The myostatin gene affecting muscling in Limousin cattle is one unique(well almost! ) to Limousin being one of  about nine variations in the "double muscled" breeds.  The Limousin variation "F94L" is less extreme and has the valuable side effect of making the meat more tender.  The extra muscling combined with a relatively fine bone produces a carcase weighing about 60% or more of the live weight.  And then for the butcher there is an unusually high retail meat to carcase ratio. In Britain where Continental European cattle breeds were assessed on their efficiency Limousin is and has been for some years, the numerically dominant breed.
The People
LimousinNZis officially a region of the Australian Limousin Society. LimousinNZ manages the NZ affairs of Registered Limousin Breeders NZ-wide
North Island Limousin Breeders Inc. is an independant Incorporated Society made up of anyone interested in Limousin cattle. It works with LimousinNZ and the Australian Limousin Society.  The NILB members come from throughout the North Island and include registered breeders, unregistered breeders and commercial farmers and anyone else with an interest in the breeding and marketing of Limousin cattle and beef.  
The major project which NILB manages is the North Island Limousin Bull Trial
The South Island Limousin Group
Has members throughout the South Island and includes amongst its activities managing  a Limousin Bull Trial in the South Island for LimousinNZ with a sale in May each year 
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